Cyprus diving, scuba diving into the wreck “Zenobia”, Bay of Larnaca, with Viking Divers
On Saturday 7th of June 1980, at 02:30 in
the morning, the great, “Zenobia” wreck
sank, loaded with trucks and lorries
to the sea bottom 42 meters of depth,
not far from the small fishing harbor
in Larnaca.
Since then it has became one of the most
famous ships wrecks in the world, for divers
visiting from every country !
Viking Divers have many years of
experience since the Zenobia wreck
decided to rest at Larnaca sea bed.
With daily dives to the werck makes
Viking Divers one of the most expert
dive team with pleasure diving or to
continue your eduction: Wreck and deep
diver specialty courses and advanced courses !
Big or small groups are all welcome !

Contact us daily at :
Tel/Fax 00357-2464-4676

ספארי צלילה בקפריסין, צלילה בלרנקה, צלילה באיה נאפה,
Дайвинг на Кипре, в Ларнаке дайвинга, дайвинг в Айя-Напе,
Buceo en Chipre, el buceo en Larnaca, el buceo en Ayia Napa,
الغوص في قبرص، والغوص في لارنكا، والغوص في أيا نابا،
Plongée à Chypre, de la plongée à Larnaca, plongée à Ayia Napa,
Tauchen in Zypern, Tauchen in Larnaca, Tauchen in Ayia Napa,
Nurkowanie na Cyprze, nurkowanie w Larnace, nurkowanie w Ayia Napa,
Scufundări în Cipru, scufundări în Larnaca, scufundări în Ayia Napa,
Búvárkodás Cipruson, búvárkodás Larnaca, búvárkodás Ayia Napa,
Dykning på Cypern, dykning i Larnaca, dykning i Ayia Napa,
Dykking på Kypros, dykking i Larnaca, dykking i Ayia Napa,
Immersioni a Cipro, Larnaca subacquea, immersioni in Ayia Napa
Гмуркане в Кипър, Ларнака гмуркане, гмуркане в Агия Напа
Dykning i Cypern, Larnaca dykning, dykning i Ayia Napa,
Duiken in Cyprus, Larnaca duiken, duiken in Ayia Napa,
Καταδύσεις στην Κύπρος, Λάρνακα καταδύσεις, καταδύσεις στην Αγία Νάπα,
Potápění na Kypru, Larnaca potápění, potápění v Ayia Napa,
Mergulho em Chipre, Larnaca mergulho, mergulho em Ayia Napa,
غواصی در قبرس ، لارناکا غواصی، غواصی در Ayia نپا,